WtR: Day 4: Detox Salt, Sugar, Fat and Caffeine

Aloha, my eight readers!

I'm back!  I am sorry for the break in posting, but hey - life happens.  There was an incident last weekend that would have fallen on this day.  Completely in synchronicity with the focus of today - cutting out the crap from the diet that doesn't serve my body well.

Last Tuesday, I took a shortcut and decided to get a salad for dinner.  However, I passed said salad place because I was distracted and then it was too late to turn around and still pick up my daughter.  So, I decided to "treat" myself and my mother to a hamburger and fried zucchinis.  My daughter did not partake because she is the smarter one to avoid fast food and stick to her rice cereal, green beans, and eggs...

Anyhow, flash forward to Thursday, we are both in wretched condition.  I was sick as a dog all day, she was sick as well - but much more so.  She required going to the hospital for her nausea and sickness, as well as dehydration.  Three IV bags later and some Zofram a…

WtR: Day 3: Sex and more of it...

Aloha!  Welcome to another WtR day with the focus on S.E.X!

 If you are just joining, please check out these posts: 40 Days and Update.  We're actually on Day 3, so you really have not missed much, if at all.  ;)

You may or may not be coming in on the good part (pun may or may not be intended).

So. I have to be a little honest - I didn't want to write this post.  Part of the reluctance is how much do you share? Another part is how much do people really want to know about what's the happenings behind any person's closed doors?  And. the last bit of the resistance is how do I want to approach this topic knowing I have my own struggles?

Here's the deal - in my experience, the discussion regarding sex depends on your upbringing and parents' perspective about sex.  Sex is either a natural act (think livestock and husbandry), or an expected (discussed and talked about) activity, or is nonexistent (prudish or "only when you're married").

Here's anot…

WtR: Day 2: Exercise

Aloha!  Welcome to another day with the focus on Exercise.

 If you are just joining, please check out these posts: 40 Days, Update, and WtR Day 1.
Most days, exercise is like this:
Other days, exercise feels like this:

WtR: Day 1: Slow to Anger, Quick to Love

Writing to Refreshment

Day 1: Slow to Anger, Quick to Love

The inspiration for this focus is based on my own reactions to the world and my frustrations at sometimes not being able to make sense of it all.  It is also a reaction to what's being shared in the news, on social media, and interactions with "real live" people.

Here are some of my observations:

All of us are either or all of the following: frustrated, anxious, tired, depressed, struggling, and overwhelmed.Most of us are not "in the present." This means being pulled in fifteen different directions all at once physically or in our mind: being able to pay the bills, work situations (co-workers, work load, lack of work, etc.), family (immediate and extended), children, spouse/significant other, friends, social engagement responsibilities, action steps toward a major goal, etc. We are all trying to be everything to everyone at all hours of the day.  The one person that isn't getting his or her way is y…

Update on 40 days


40 days came and went.  Did I fall down in posting?  Why yes, yes I did.

Did I continue to swap out anger and frustration for peace and progress?  Yes....and no.

Was I successful in completely eliminating issues? No.

Was I successful in being in a more positive head space than not?  Yes.

Am I still having issues?  Who isn't? ;)

Anger, anxiety, and frustration are still present, but not in the consistent manner.  It does happen in spurts which tells me two things, either I am suppressing my feelings or I am managing the outbursts with some effective tools.

I just know this:
Life is hard - it's friggin' hard.  Just when you think you have it figured out, it takes a hard left at Albuquerque (Looney Toon fans will love that reference).My self-sabotaging behavior is just as bad as a drug addiction or cutting, I choose to punish myself with food and emotional abuse from myself.I crave and want positive change. I've got a wonderful family and a bright future to look fo…

CYOA - Catalina!

Aloha Adventurers!

We're heading to Catalina for a day trip and an exploration of land and sea!  I know this is short notice, but it will be worth it, I promise! 

We will be exploring the interior landscape and plunging into the depths to view the sea. The day will start on the Catalina Express from Dana Point, head to Avalon and catch the Catalina Adventures Hummer into the wild. We'll have a pit stop at the DC-3 Grill for breakfast. After returning from the Safari Adventure, we will take a short writing break and lunch.  After our repast, the deep blue will be explored aboard the Nautilus. 

Writing prompts and exercises will be shared along the way amongst the authors. One-on-One writing session will be scheduled within two weeks of the event.

RSVP and Payment DUE 4/8/2016 10am.  Follow this link to

Please check out the menu for DC-3 Grill:

COST: $407

Cost Includes:
Catalina Express Ferry ($74)
Catalina Land and Se…

Disappointing News

Today I received some pretty disappointing news.  It was news I was expecting, but I was still hopeful.  I will not be able to continue to teach at the local adult high school because I work as a staff member full time and we are in the peak of high value accreditation and grant reporting.  It makes sense and I understand it from a managerial point of view and the effective use of resources, talent, knowledge, and experience.

This is just a temporary hiatus and it hopefully means another door is preparing to open.